Gameweek 1

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A big welcome to the new Chip

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that the while the two wildcards, Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips remain intact, the All Out Attack chip has been given the bum’s rush, replaced by a brand new “Free Hit” chip.

Essentially, the Free Hit can be used once in a season and allows you to make unlimited changes to your entire 15-man squad for a single Gameweek.

Once the deadline for that Gameweek has passed, though, your squad immediately reverts to the previous line-up.

Like the second Wildcard, Triple Captain and Bench Boost chips, the Free Hit chip could be used when planning for Double Gameweeks in order to maximise the number of players with two fixtures.

A specific example of this would be Double Gameweek 27 last year, where Stoke City and Manchester City were the only teams to play twice. Despite knowing that both sides blanked in Gameweek 28, many managers took points hits to bring in the likes of Sergio Aguero and also played their Triple Captain chip on the Argentine. The Free Hit chip would have allowed us to temporarily acquire City and Stoke assets without the need to tear apart our teams, while also navigating the upcoming blank more efficiently.

However, it could also be used as a reactionary chip when utilised on those Gameweeks hit hard by FA Cup postponements. We witnessed this last season in the afore-mentioned Gameweek 28, where only four fixtures went ahead.

We always thought that the All Out Attack chip was less than useless and the new Free Hit chip looks superb so well done to the Premier League


Agency names please

Will everyone please note the agency names rule and that means changing your team name to include that of your agency. Otherwise, you could be any old Tom, Dick or Harry from outside recruitment and we wouldn’t know. No agency name, no prize, sorry.


In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Martin Scrivens

Joshua Field

Steve McDermott

Tim Bonnet

Richard Hogg

Oli Ottey GM

Simon Belcher

Johnathan Critchley

Ben Holden

Miles Anderson-Smith


Manager of the Week

Martin Scrivens.......


Martin is a long-time friend of the league and we’re delighted that he’s shot straight in at number 1. Being a big ManU fan it was no problem for him to select Mkhitaryan and Lukaku but how about West Brom’s Ahmed El-Sayed Hegazi for an incredible 15 points.


Great to see you back Martin. Very well done.


Page 2 Pacesetter

Alex Williamson......


We haven’t set eyes on Alex since he won the manager of the Week award back in 2014 but he’s back for good now with an impressive frontline of Aguero, Rooney and Lukaku. Being a Saint’s fan, he just had to select Bertrand and Cedric and so he’s had a good week.

Nice to have you back Alex


The Best of the Rest

Ryan Hughes.....


Ryan has done brilliantly this week and should really be higher up the league with 70 points on the week. He got 49 from just three players in Eriksen, Mkhitaryan and Lukaku. 

Great opener Ryan!


Taxi for...........

Collin Quaner…....

 No Huddersfield Town player has scored in their past 569 minutes of Championship football since Izzy Brown (on loan from Chelsea and now at Brighton) against Wolves in April. They didn’t even score a proper goal in the play-offs. Can you really see them scoring many in the Prem? Not a chance, despite their performance this weekend against a very iffy Dutch manager. Quaner – an import from the German second flight – didn’t even make the starting line-up although he did manage an assist. An incredible 4% of managers think he’s got a chance of banging in the goals. We think he’s got two chances. Slim chance and no chance. Maybe you should just ….


Get himbinned!


One to watch..........

Pascal Gross………

Brighton’s summer midfield signing Pascal Gross could be the surprise promotion player. In the Bundesliga last season, he created the most goalscoring chances (98) while playing for lowly Ingolstadt, a team who finished second bottom and were relegated. He didn’t really shine against City on Saturday but Brighton did only have 17% possession. At £5.5m he’s a tad dear at this point in the season but he’s owned by less than 1% of managers (who are probably all Brighton fans), he’s playing in a number 10 role and Brighton have a good run of fixtures against lesser teams coming up. He could be a…………


No Brainer!


Team of the Week


Egypt’s Mohammad Magdi scored an incredible 128 points this week AND left 22 points on the bench in the form of Jones, Mkhitaryan and Mahrez.

So, what’s his team?













His subs were

Jones, Mkhitaryan, Mahrez and Nordfelt


Not bad eh?


“Tim Goodwin is one of the very few rec-to-recs who I would wholeheartedly recommend. This is now my 20th year in recruitment and Tim has placed me in a couple of excellent positions previously. He is always contactable both in and out of office hours – and he provides excellent, sound, completely impartial advice. I have no idea how he has lasted so long in this industry with such an approach!”

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