Gameweek 4

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Gameweek 4 review 

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Well, after we correctly predicted Chelsea would sack Jose 3 months before they actually did, last week we predicted that Palace would ditch Frank de Boer in record time. Right again. If only we were any good at the Fantasy League!

Record Transfer Window?

We all thought the last transfer window had gone mad, but The Times has shown figures that challenge that wisdom. If we ignore transfers between the clubs in the same league – the money has just been recirculated – then the Premier League spending actually dropped this close season.

“A better indicator, for each European league, is “net spend” which actually tells you how much money is leaving — or coming into — each league.

And — guess what? — according to data from, net spending by Premier League clubs actually fell this past summer, from £792.29 million to £721.06 million. That’s a drop of 9.9 per cent.

Aggregate Premier League revenues grew from £3.3 billion in 2014-15 to over £4 billion in 2015-16 with a projected £4.6 billion in 2016-17. That’s a jump of nearly 40 per cent over two years.

Obviously, clubs don’t just spend money on transfers. They have other expenses too, such as wages and commissions. But in the Premier League at least, the majority of clubs maintained a wages-to-turnover ratio of less than 70 per cent.

All of this points to two factors. The perception of a “mad summer” was largely driven by a huge deal on the continent — PSG’s acquisition of Neymar for some £200 million — and its knock-on effect, the Dembélé signing. And, perhaps more significantly, Premier League clubs’ transfer spending — again, taken as a whole — isn’t just in line with revenues, it actually lags behind them.

Which, you suppose, is good news if you happen to own a Premier League club. And might explain why they’re in such demand.”

Unless you’re Newcastle United that is!


In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:


Rob Shackleton, Pari Passu

Joshua Field

Steve McDermott

Kevin Burt

Tom Broklehurst

Jay Egersdorff

Adam Eld

Seamus Tunney

Ryan Hughes

Adam Kaye


Manager of the Week

Lewis Little.......

City fan Lewis, put his money where his mouth is this week by captaining Jesus for a superb 24 points to finish the week with no less than 72. Mendy and De Bruyne brought him another 19 between them and without Mane’s -2 he would have done even better. However, proper City fans will be asking questions about his inclusion of Rashford!

Great week Lewis. Very well done.


Page 2 Pacesetter

Raymond Pennie......

Ray’s a Chelsea fan with a superb front line of Morata, Jesus and Lukaku; a superb back line of Azpilicueta, Danilo, Trippier and De Gea and a middling midfield. We bet that Ray was a tad relieved when Liverpool defender Robertson pulled out when his wife went into labour though.

Excellent week Ray.


The Best of the Rest

Stephen Farquhar, HFG.....

With 70 points in 116th place we find HFG’s Stephen Farquhar. Stephen had Pascal Groß in his team who was our One to Watch from the gameweek 2 commentary. He was rewarded with no less than 18 points from the Brighton No 10 who is classed as an FL midfielder.

Why no Bournemouth players Stephen? Do you know something we don’t?


Taxi for...........

Tom Heaton…....

Burnley’s goalie was brilliant last season with 10 clean sheets and no less than 142 saves. Unfortunately, he dislocated his shoulder in Burnley’s 1-0 defeat of Palace at the weekend and could be out for months. He’s still got a 7% ownership. We think you should….

Get him binned!


One to watch..........

Ciaran Clark………

The Newcastle defender has 2 clean sheets in 4 games, a goal against West Ham and has a very benign fixture list. Coupled with Rafa’s brilliant defensive tactics this could be one for the Wildcard. At £4.5m and an ownership of less than 2% he could be a…………

No Brainer!


Team of the Week

We’re going to look at Indonesia’s Toejoh Belas this week. He’s scored a disappointing 40 points this week but he’s got 303 overall which is impressive in anyone’s books.


So, what’s his team?


De Gea














His subs were


Foster, Schindler, Fernandinho, Okazaki


Not bad eh?


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