Gameweek 5

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Gameweek 5 review

Is it time for a wildcard?

For those of you who don’t know about wildcards, you get two per season. One that’s valid up to the end of December and one from January until the end of the season. If you don’t play your first wildcard in time you lose it.

The idea is that you can change your whole team without incurring a penalty.

There’s a couple of schools of thought on Wildcards. Some managers like to use them later on to give them an advantage for double gameweeks but these usually come in April and with the advent of the Free Hit chip they are less useful even then.

If you’re doing well, then the wildcard doesn’t mean as much. After all, why would you want to change nearly your whole team if you’re doing ok with the one you’ve got?

However, if you’re not doing so well, you probably do want to make a drastic change to climb up your mini league. Don’t ever think that you’re so far behind already that it won’t make a difference. We’ve seen managers who’ve risen from Page 3 to the Top 10 by playing their wildcard well.

So, when do you play it if you’re not doing so well?

As soon as you can of course! Every week you stick with your rubbish team means that you will slip further down your league. But we would always say don’t play it until Week 5 because you want to see how the transfer market has gone, who is out of form and which of the promoted teams have come good like Newcastle and Huddersfield seem to have done this term. You also want to see who isn’t doing so well. Last season, Bournemouth were a good bet for cheap defenders. This season you wouldn’t touch them with a bargepole.

Crib from the best! This is easy. Just go to leagues / overall and look at the Top 10 managers worldwide. Make a note of who they’ve got in their teams. Then make your choice from this small group of players. These guys don’t pick duffers whereas you probably have done!

Then decide on your new team, make the transfers and finally DON’T FORGET TO PRESS THE PLAY WILDCARD BUTTON. If you do forget you’ll be hit with a load of transfer point deductions and you may as well wait until next season or start your own new mini league from Jan 1.


In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Seamus Tunney

Steve McDermott

Rob Shackleton, Pari Passu

Glenn Mason

Joshua Field

Adam Eld

Kevin Burt

Tom Brocklehurst

Allan Fullerton

Ryan Hughes


Manager of the Week

Glenn Mason.......

Another MOTW, another City fan and you’d think with City’s scintillating goalscoring form that Glenn would have had Kun as his captain and Jesus and Silva in his team as well. Not the case. Glenn has gained no less than 58 of his 94 points from United players and only has one City player in his team – and he was on the bench!

The ignominy Glenn!


Page 2 Pacesetter

Dean Collett......

Dean doesn’t seem to support any real team at all, which makes it easier for him to captain Aguero for 40 points out of his 91 in total. Salah. Mkhitaryan, Bertrand, Vertonghen and de Gea all weighed in for a great week for Dean.

Welcome to the newsletter Dean.


The Best of the Rest

Robert Simpson.....

With 93 points in 127th place we find Robert Simpson. You’d wonder why someone with a team as good as this is in 127th place but it all makes sense when it turns out Robert’s played his Triple Captain chip on Lukaku obviously hoping that the ex Everton player would do the business against his former club. 

Definitely something to build on Robert!


Taxi for...........

Paul Pogba…....

With one in five of managers owning the United midfielder and him being out for potentially a long time it’s obviously time to get shut. We think you should….


Get him binned!


One to watch..........

Andreas Christensen………

With David Luis suspended until October 14, his automatic replacement will be Christensen. He’s got two easy games and one home game against City in that time but he’s only £5.5m and has 0.2% ownership and he could be a…………

No Brainer!


Team of the Week

We’re going to look at England’s Matthew Barrick this week. He’s scored a huge 113 points this week and he’s got 387 overall which is impressive in anyone’s books. Definitely one to copy for your wildcard.

So, what’s his team?















His subs were

Elliott, Billing, Davies, Mbemba

Not bad eh? 


“Tim is a true professional who I would recommend to anyone, either looking for a new role or just open to understanding the market. Tim is a very personable character and is willing to go the extra mile, effortlessly. His approach to work and my interests were second to none. Unlike many rec-2-recs, Tim offered a consultative approach and for this reason alone I would not look outside of Futura in the future!”

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