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Gameweek 2 review


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Amazon Prime’s fly-on-the-wall documentary about City’s championship winning season seemed to have caused some debate, not least from The Special One who claimed that he featured so much that he should be receiving royalties. Jose didn’t actually feature very much at all unless you count the City away fans chanting their Park The Bus song.

Anyway, we think that after this weekend’s abject display from a United team that seemed like they just didn’t want to play for him, that he should perhaps have other more pressing matters on his mind. Being based in Manchester, we obviously take the temperature of the city and we’ve yet to talk to a United fan who doesn’t want to see the back of Jose. We’d like him to stay as long as possible for obvious reasons.

One of the things we learned from the documentaries was that one of Pep’s rules is that the goal-scorer has to run to the assist maker after scoring to celebrate with him. We think that Pep will probably excuse hat trick hero, Aguero from not running all the way back to his goalmouth to celebrate with Ederson whose massive kick from the 18-yard box provided Kun with his first goal on Sunday.

If you are going to watch the Amazon series yourself, you might want to turn on the sub-titles. How any of City’s foreign contingent could understand a word of Pep’s team talks is completely beyond us. Maybe it’s the way that he says it means more than what he says?

Oh, and you might want to shield the ears of any kids watching it because the City manager and many of his overseas stars seem to have picked up that habit we hear so much of in recruitment of continually effing and jeffing.

Tut tut !

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In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Neil Methold

Thomas Johnson

Rob Dove

Bartley Hilliam

Christopher Reilly

Ewan Melling

David Bloch

Andy Dunne

John de Filippo

Dominic Cooke

May we remind everyone that this league is for those working in the UK for a recruitment agency. Those managers who are working for an agency but working overseas are free to participate but they can’t win any prizes. Those of you not in recruitment will unfortunately have to leave the league. Sorry!

Manager of the Week


David Bloch .......


The MOTW award is for the highest points that week for those managers on page 1. This week Manchester United fan, David Bloch scored an amazing 111 points. Any one who was anyone had Aguero as captain and the difference between the very top teams and the also-rans seems to be the inclusion of Alonso and Mkhitaryan and David had them both.


We notice there’s not many ManU players in there David!


Page 2 Pacesetter


David Waterfield ......


The Page 2 Pacesetter award is for the best points that week on page 2. In the event of a tie, we take the lowest placed manager.


This week it’s David Waterfield with a huge 108 points. David went and triple captained Aguero for an absolutely massive 60 points for Kun alone. That’s the same as the average score this week.


Inspired TC move David.


The Best of the Rest

Adam Pritchard ....


The Best Of The Rest award is only for those managers on Pages 3 & 4 on the basis that if any managers on the lower pages get there, they’ve just had a lucky week. If there’s a tie we take the manager in the lowest place.


This week it’s Adam Pritchard who is one of the very few managers to put his money on Harry Kane in August. Adam was richly rewarded with 7 points which is far better than those of us who’ve picked a certain Arsenal striker.


Keep being brave Adam!


Taxi for...........


Jamie Vardy  ………

The Premiership player with the most admired WAG has been a naughty boy and is suspended until September 15. We think you should….

Get him binned!


One to watch..........

Benjamin Mendy ………

Anyone who watched Mendy in City’s 6-1 demolition of Huddersfield on Sunday couldn’t have failed to be impressed by this absolute nutter. 23 points from 2 games as a full back says it all and he could just be a…………

No Brainer!

Team of the Week

Every week, we look at one of the best teams in the league to see where we’re all going wrong.

This week we’re going to look at Southampton fan, Filip Anastasovski’s team. Filip realised he was completely wrong and played his wildcard this week which has to be the earliest we’ve ever seen one played by a top manager. Anyway, it did him a big favour and without any chips being played, he scored no less than 105 points in a strange 5-2-3 formation.

So, what’s his team?

















His subs were


Hamer, Westwood, Neves, Stephens


Not bad eh?





“I have known John now for nearly 20 years. He approached me in typical John Whalley fashion with an offer I couldnt turn down- "recruit me on the basis that I will only take a share of what I earn- end of". He did not disappoint, turning his hand in the way that John does to being entreprenuerial and opportunistic- opening doors with clients in a proactive and sytematic way. John was a one off and a rare person in so much that unlike most recruiters he was prepared to back his own skill and talent by only getting paid for what he did. No hiding behind big basics and delivering little, John performed and performed well. He still operates in that fashion today, being proactive, opening doors by introducing clients and to candidates and promoting people who match up to his standards. Well done John for keeping consistent and being true to your talents- long may that continue!”

Futura candidate