Gameweek 3

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Gameweek 3 review

Liverpool’s throw-in coach. Whatever next?

Ever since the success of The Knights of the Marginal Gains, Sir Clive Woodward and Sir Dave Brailsford, the idea of small improvements adding up to a winning formula has taken a huge hold on professional sport. When City’s next match is an away game, they practice on one of their many pitches – the one that replicates that of the opposition where the dimensions and the bounce of the ball are almost identical to the one they will play on in the forthcoming match. They even have a truck that transports the players’ favourite mattresses to the hotel where they will be overnighting.

So, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that along with all the specialised coaches that the top teams employ these days that Liverpool have just appointed their own throw-in coach. 

Thomas Gronnemark isn’t just any old throw-in coach. He holds the world record for the longest throw which at 55 yards isn’t far short of the width of the 75-yard pitch at Anfield.

Of course, in the recent past, Stoke’s Rory Delap caused panic in opposition defences with his long, fast throws and although these only went 40 yards, they were long enough to get the ball into the area.

So, what’s Thomas’s track record of helping other clubs utilise throw-ins to their advantage? Well he spent a lot of time with Midtjylland and helped them defeat ManU in the Europa League a couple of seasons ago and has also worked with Schalke 04.

Thomas told our newsletter, “It’s very important that it’s a flat throw-in, because if it’s too high it’s easy to defend. If you can make a long throw-in precise and flat, together with some tactical aspects, then it’s much easier to score.”

If you’re wondering just how to do this yourself you can purchase Thomas’s coaching video for the bargain price of just $99 which might be just the investment you need to make for your match against the Dog and Duck next Sunday.


In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Thomas Johnson

Andy Dunne

Neil Methold

David Bloch

Seamus Tunney

Bartley Hilliam

Rob Dove

James Absalom

Roop Panjwani

John de Filippo

May we remind everyone that this league is for those working in the UK for a recruitment agency. Those managers who are working for an agency but working overseas are free to participate but they can’t win any prizes. Those of you not in recruitment will unfortunately have to leave the league. Sorry!

Manager of the Week

Matt Darville .......

The MOTW award is for the highest points that week for those managers on page 1. This week Leicester fan, Matt Darville scored a stupendous 85 points in a week when the average was only 50. Matt had put his faith in Harry Kane continuing to spoil his August record at Old Trafford last night along with the man we just can’t leave out, Aleks Mitrovic.

We notice Tosun’s cheap Matt, but….

Page 2 Pacesetter

Martin Wainman ......

The Page 2 Pacesetter award is for the best points that week on page 2. In the event of a tie, we take the lowest placed manager.

This week it’s Martin Wainman who is undoubtably the Mainman with a massive tally of 88 points. Martin played his wildcard early but to great effect and in a brave move, captained Mitrovic with Fulham playing Burnley for an amazing 32 points for the Serbian striker alone.

Let’s hope this wildcard selection lasts longer than the last one Martin!


The Best of the Rest

Jack Potter ....

The Best Of The Rest award is only for those managers on Pages 3 & 4 on the basis that if any managers on the lower pages get there, they’ve just had a lucky week. If there’s a tie we take the manager in the lowest place.

Way down in 187th place but with an absolutely fantastic weekly total of 80 points we find Newcastle fan, Jack Potter. Like Martin Mainman above, Jack has played his wildcard early and gone for a frontline of Kane, Mitrovic and Newcastle’s Joselu.

Does Jack know something that 95.6% of managers don’t know about Joselu?


Taxi for...........

Leroy Sane  ………

Last season’s PFA Young Player of the Year couldn’t get into Germany’s World Cup squad in June and now he can’t seem to get into Pep’s team either. There’s a lot of competition in his position and having Mendy bombing forward into those wide left areas isn’t helping his cause much but when he came on against Wolves on Saturday he hardly did himself any favours with his careless passing. We think you should….

Get him binned!


One to watch..........

Felipe Anderson ………

Anyone watching the West Ham v Arsenal game couldn’t have failed to be impressed with the Hammers’ record signing. He’s playing just behind Arnautovic and he looks as fast as Leroy Sane to us. He could just be a…………

No Brainer!


Team of the Week

Every week, we look at one of the best teams in the league to see where we’re all going wrong.

This week we’re going to look at Indonesia’s Daniel Fernando’s team.

So, what’s his team?










Salah (c )






His subs were


Begovic, Neves, Peltier, Wan-Bissaka


Not bad eh?


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