Gameweek 5

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Gameweek 5 review

The European games kick in

After we predicted last week that Mendy had a 99% chance of being selected by Pep, he then went and picked up a knock. At least he apologised to the near 40% of managers who had him in their team. At least those with Wan-Bissaka as their first sub were dancing a jig. Those of us who had him as last sub weren’t quite so happy.

But Pep’s team selection was one where he had one eye on the home game against Lyon in the Champions League on Wednesday. Mendy rested, Stones on the bench and Aguero pulled off as a precaution after 54 minutes didn’t help those of us who had him as captain, never mind the poor souls who TC’d him.

In the Champions League, Spurs are away to Inter and Liverpool home to PSG tonight. That should give them plenty of recovery time before their Saturday games, Likewise with City at home to Lyon tomorrow, they shouldn’t have too much of a problem being away to Cardiff on Saturday but no doubt The Special One will be having a whinge about playing away in Bern tomorrow and then at home on Saturday to Wolves, the only side to take points from Pep this season. United don’t even have the benefit of the crazy 1755 kick off that has outraged the fans who actually attend the games.

In the Europa League, Arsenal are at home to Vorskla from the Ukraine and Chelsea are at home to PAOK on Thursday but they both play their Prem games on Sunday.

The worry for us FL managers is of course, who might get rested for a Prem game and who might get injured and so waiting until the last minute before selecting a captain will be crucial. Is Aguero likely to play away at Cardiff if he doesn’t play against Lyon? Probably, but if he does turn out tomorrow, we’d be very reluctant to captain him. Harry will probably be knackered by Saturday but he’s not in many manager’s sights at the moment anyway. The Liverpool PSG game will be interesting though. They now have a good squad but that’s just what we don’t need and Kloppo will probably be tempted to play his top team against PSG and then risk the squad players against Southampton at home on Saturday.

Decisions, decisions…….

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In our league, the Top 10 are as follows:

Thomas Johnson

Oli Ottey, GM

Seamus Tunney

Andy Dunne

James Absalom

Neil Methold

Rob Dove

Marc Cohen

Matt Newman

Rich Nelson, Core Talent

May we remind everyone that this league is for those working in the UK for a recruitment agency. Those managers who are working for an agency but working overseas are free to participate but they can’t win any prizes. Those of you not in recruitment will unfortunately have to leave the league. Sorry! 

Manager of the Week

Mike Clare .......

The MOTW award is for the highest points that week for those managers on page 1. This week ManU fan, Mike Clare has broke the ton with a huge 106 points. He hasn’t even played any chips and had Aguero as his captain rather than Hazard and Mo Salah only got him 2 points. Talk about planets lining up eh Mike?

We do note that Mike’s superb performance was notable for the absence of any ManU players!.

Page 2 Pacesetter

David Owen ......

The Page 2 Pacesetter award is for the best points that week on page 2. In the event of a tie, we take the lowest placed manager.


Another award, another ManU fan. This time Hazard was the captain and with the likes of David Silva, Wan-Bissaka and Ings in the team, David couldn’t help but do well. But why the Free Hit rather than the Wildcard David?


We think we should be told!

The Best of the Rest

James Room ....

The Best Of The Rest award is only for those managers on Pages 3 & 4 on the basis that if any managers on the lower pages get there, they’ve just had a lucky week. If there’s a tie we take the manager in the lowest place.

Way down in 105th place but with an absolutely fantastic weekly total of 98 points we find Chelsea fan, James Room. Of course, he had Hazard as captain but what about Brighton’s Shane Duffy in defence with 12 points?

An inspired choice James! 

Taxi for...........

Mo Salah  ………

Wow, this is controversial. However, when you look at the top teams in the Global League there are very few of those top managers that have last season’s scoring sensation in their team. It could be the price at £1.6m more expensive than Aguero or it could be his form. He’s only acquired 29 points so far as opposed to Aguero’s 38. On assists, he’s on the same trajectory as last season but on this form, he might only score 16 goals this term. We think you should maybe….

Get him binned!

One to watch..........

Wan-Bissaka ………

Palace’s Aaron Wan-Bissaka is one of the most picked defenders in the top managers’ teams and in a quarter of all managers’ teams, however this was probably because he was so damned cheap at £4.0m He’s actually better than that and picked up 12 points against Fulham and 9 last week against Huddersfield. He should be in your team because at £4.1m he’s a bargain and if you don’t have him, your mates will. He could just be a…………


No Brainer!

Team of the Week

Every week, we look at one of the best teams in the league to see where we’re all going wrong.


This week we’re going to look at England’s Danny Davies’ team. Danny has collected an amazing 198 points in September alone.


So, what’s his team?





Van Aanholt











His subs were

Hart, Kenedy, Kabasele, Alexander-Arnold

Not bad eh?

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With the latest hacking of our league from semi-professional FL-ers, its even more important. Please help us manage the league better by doing this.

However, those of you who aren’t putting in your team names are missing out on some great publicity for your agency and, as recruiters tend to be competitive creatures, isn’t it better to beat you rivals in business AND in the fantasy league?


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